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Boost Your Business Success Appeal in 2018

4 top tips from industry experts Boost Your Business Success Appeal in 2018

This has been a full-on year for small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK, underpinned by the future of British enterprise hanging in the balance on account of Brexit negotiations.

However, the latter part of 2017 came to show that many small businesses have remained resilient and fought back during these difficult times.

This isn’t to say that the spell of unpredictability is over though, so it’s important for SMEs to be fully prepared for what the new year has in store and take all measures possible to keep up their success.

We have consulted with a selection of the UK’s business experts and here they offer their advice to help make sure your success appeal is up to scratch for 2018:

The perfect presentation

Business people know how important first impressions are and these often take the form of presentations.

Even the most skilled and experienced business person can see their efforts shot down if their presentation isn’t up to standard, so it’s pivotal to prepare and polish your presenting skills as much as possible.

Presentation coach Simon de Cintra is the author of Unlock Your Business Voice: How to Sound as Great as You Think. His advice for those presenting in pursuit of partnership or investment is:

“The most effective way to combat public speaking anxiety is to prepare, prepare, prepare.

“Getting used to the space where you will be conducting your presentation will help keep nerves at bay. This can be achieved by getting to your venue early, finding key distinct places in the room and at each take a deep diaphragmatic breath, breathing in and out slowly.

“This method will help refuel your voice and slow your heart rate, helping you to come across credibly to potential investors and clients.”

Dress to impress

First impressions are multidimensional and come down to much more than just the quality of your presentation.

Appearance is a hugely important component of making the right impression - if you don’t achieve this, you’ll probably lose the attention of your audience within seconds.

Looking unprofessional in your personal appearance can be a surefire way of pushing your target audience away from you and towards your competition, so finding the right look that’s flattering, professional and in keeping with your image is vital.

Fashion designer and personal stylist Michaela Jedinak has this advice: “I believe everyone is different and they should build on their own unique DNA, rather than try to be a bad copy of someone else.

“There is the perfect outfit for everyone, it just isn’t the same one.”

Michaela suggests the right clothing will make you feel empowered and confident in your endeavours and that this alone will give you an aura of seriousness and professionalism, which will help you to engage with your audience.

Craft your words

Because we all know how important looks are to a first impression, the value of what we say is often underestimated, but it makes a considerable difference when you’re trying to bring others around to your way of thinking.

Everyone interprets words and phrases slightly differently and conjure images in their minds based on these interpretations, which can make it a challenge to ensure everyone is along the same lines.

Whatever words you use though, making your message clear is the most important thing.

Karen Meager and John McLachlan, NLP experts and co-founders of Monkey Puzzle Training, have this advice: “Transparency is a common example of a word that has good intentions by suggesting openness, honesty and integrity.

“However, the majority of the time people actually want to refer to the term ‘clarity’ - it’s not always a positive thing to be completely open and honest with those around you in the workplace, as there is always something that others should not know.”

Hone your confidence

As we’ve already established, appearance goes a long way when making first impressions and in some instances - as unpopular a truth as this may be - these standards reach further than the outfit you wear.

Especially when trying to present yourself as a professional to other professionals, your appearance will communicate a lot about you as a person and putting in obvious effort communicates to your audience that you recognise the traits they’re looking for and have put effort into them.

Anthony Lam, entrepreneur, specialist orthodontist and head of Elleven Dental, suggests self-confidence and the impressions others have of us can be given a hand by putting thought into personal appearance. “Well maintained clothes, clean hair and nails are easily achieved, but making sure your teeth look the part can take a little more effort,” he says.

“If you suffer from unsightly teeth, it can be well worth making a trip to your dentist to see what improvements can be made.

“This may include a whitening solution, implants or braces to realign protruding or crooked teeth, which may seem like big steps, but a healthier looking smile can drastically improve first opinions of you, as well as improving your confidence overall.” Read more like this

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