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Doing It For The Girls

SafeGirl is a new company that sells safety and security gadgets – from personal alarms to drink drug testing kits Doing It For The Girls

Finally, a business opportunity that really matters. Okay, so the bottom line to any successful business is sales and profit, but what if you could get that and make a difference to people’s lives?

That’s the idea behind SafeGirl, a new direct selling company that wants to support girls, women and teenagers with tough issues like bullying and domestic abuse.

Cute and stylish

The company, based in Essex, sells cute and stylish personal alarms, gadgets and other safety items to students, kids and young women - even parents who are worried about their toddler wandering off.

SafeGirl’s teddy bear proximity alarm, which clips onto a child’s shoe, triggers a handset that’s held by mum or dad if they stray from a defined area. It’s fun, but also highly practical, especially when people are worrying more about safety and security on the streets.

At the same time, SafeGirl runs events and home parties to raise awareness of difficult topics such as domestic violence, cyber bullying and the shocking rise in sexual abuse.

SafeGirl founder Andrea Clark says carrying items such as a personal alarm is an important part of reducing risk for women when they’re out and about or alone.

“Carrying an alarm wards off 97 per cent of potential attacks and just knowing you have one on your person can raise your confidence,” she says.

But it’s equally important to deliver the message early on, and to as many people as possible, that safety is also built around knowledge, understanding of the issues and self-confidence.

“We at SafeGirl believe that if we can work on our self-esteem and build confidence among girls, teens and younger women, we can prevent a lot of bullying and abuse before it even begins,” Andrea says.

“It’s known that people who hold themselves with high self-esteem are less susceptible to abuse. Bullies pick on the low and vulnerable.”

A mother to four girls, it’s a subject that’s extremely close to her heart.

The idea for SafeGirl first came when Andrea’s eldest daughter started walking home from school alone and she wanted her to carry an alarm - just in case. Not long after, Andrea became involved in not just one, but two highly abusive and manipulative relationships.

She now wants to tell her story and highlight the risks to others.

Recruiting representatives

The company is expanding across the UK and is keen to recruit more representatives - SafeGirl Sisters - to spread the word, raising awareness of bullying and abuse and the need to bolster self-confidence and self-esteem.

As well as selling personal alarms, SafeGirl also offers special packs of safety and security equipment for certain groups, such as students, travellers, and drivers, which offer excellent value and are great as gifts.

SafeGirl also produces a booklet of safety tips, providing advice on keeping safe when out or travelling, at festivals or driving.

In addition, the company gives safety talks to schools and colleges to emphasise the importance of safety and to build self-esteem and confidence in young people. Read more like this

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