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“How Forever Personal Training Helped Me Start Again”

Forever has given Hayley Joseph the financial stability to start her life again “How Forever Personal Training Helped Me Start Again”

Hayley Joseph started her Forever business five years ago, having been introduced to the products when she was training to become a personal trainer.

She says: “I started my Forever business through my love of the products and spent the first year happily building a solid retail business, selling mainly the sports and weight management products.

“Then in February 2014 my third child was born and everything changed. Until that point, I had no desire to build a team. It was not something I thought I could do, but one afternoon, having spent some time with my sponsor, I felt a shift in my motivation and aspirations. “I had a desire to do more and be more and I felt ready for some new challenges.”

Personal development

Since then Hayley has worked on her personal development and skill set.

“I knew that if I could become successful, anyone could,” she says. “You don’t have to have an inherent talent to be successful in this business, as the necessary skills can all be learned.

“There are two things I consider critical in a network marketing business: one is finding the right company that’s a good fit with your own values and the second is a desire to help others.”

According to Hayley, there isn’t a typical Forever business owner: “Everyone has their own reasons for starting a business and everyone has their own pace. I spent 10 months retailing and I was very happy with that. I didn’t want to start team building earlier and for some people they may only ever want to retail.”

Challenging time

She adds: “Last year I separated from my husband and it’s been an incredibly challenging time. Forever has given me the financial stability to start my life again and also the freedom for me to take some time out to focus on my children and recover.

“I would never have been able to have this time out in a traditional job - my performance would have been under the spotlight and it would have simply added to the stress of an already stressful period in my life.

“I work Forever around three beautiful children and I’ve still not had to give up on my fitness passion. In fact, Forever has enabled me to achieve more and the products have changed my performance in the gym.”

Tunnel vision

Hayley says she uses her attitude to training in the gym to benefit her mindset in the business: “When you want to achieve a goal in the gym, you have to dedicate time to learning how that’s done, you have to be passionate and fired up enough so that the goal is tunnel vision and you have to take daily consistent action.

“There will be tough days where you feel it’s not possible, but you support yourself with a good coach who encourages you. When you’re training in the gym at times when others are out socialising, you hear things like ‘lighten up’ or ‘you’re crazy’, but you go even on the days you don’t want to because the goal is that important to you.

“My success in Forever has been down to applying this exact mindset to my business.” Read more like this

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