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How To Set Up A Mobile Beauty Business

It’s not a bad idea to start out providing free or costs-only treatments to your friends and neighbours How To Set Up A Mobile Beauty Business

If you like to help people look good on the outside and feel great on the inside, want to set up a business with low start up costs and be completely your own boss, then working as a mobile beautician could be for you.

You may already have some experience working in the industry, but if not, there are all sorts of courses out there to help you on your way. You could start out as a specialist in one area such as nails, then as your business builds, add other skills to your repertoire. Alternatively, you could complete a course which covers a broad range of skills, such as those offered by City & Guilds.

Start up costs

You’ll need to invest in equipment and products, have access to a reliable vehicle, a budget for marketing costs and a bit left over for insurance and other bits and pieces. However, none of this has to cost a lot. For instance, if you do start out just doing nails, the equipment and polishes you need aren’t going to be a huge expense – and certainly a lot less than if you opted to invest in a beauty salon. Consider though that you might be working in flats up steep and windy stairs, so any equipment you invest in needs to be easy to cart around, and get in and out of your car.

Market research

As with any business, market research is crucial. You need to check out the local competition to gauge how much other beauticians charge and the treatments they offer. In turn, you need to offer something different and tailor your prices accordingly. It’s probably best to start out with lower prices to attract new customers – you can increase what you charge as you become more established.


It’s not a bad idea to start out providing free or costs-only treatments to your friends and neighbours – if you do a good job, they might come back – they’ll certainly tell other people about you. Word of mouth will only however get you so far. You’re going to need a good website with lots of lovely pictures of your work (if appropriate) and details of what you offer. Social media is also your friend. Leaflet drop into areas you think you can drum up work, put up notices at toddler groups and outside schools – and offer a 10 percent discount for their next visit.


You’ll be going into the homes of people you don’t know, so keep a diary at home with addresses in of your appointments. Always ensure you talk in person over the phone to whoever books an appointment with you before you go round – there will be men who want treatments, which is of course fine, but there’s a risk that men may masquerade as women to get you round. If you talk to them first, they can’t do this. Get in the habit of making a phone call in front of a new client when you arrive at their house, whether to a real person or not, saying where you are. Read more like this

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