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How To Specialise As An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Start-up

It offers opportunities to build relationships with estate agents who can provide you with ongoing work How To Specialise As An End Of Tenancy Cleaning Start-up

Where there’s muck, there’s brass. No better proof of this than the myriad of cleaning brands on the market. Offering a dizzying range of services from sorting out greasy domestic ovens to sprucing up grimy nightclubs, no stone appears to have been left unturned in the quest to capitalise in this ongoing trade. So how can there be room in all this for you? The reality is that good cleaners are like gold dust – meaning that if you really are any good with a mop and bucket, and get your business model right, the world could be your oyster.

End of tenancy specialist

Specialising as an end of tenancy cleaner is a good way to set yourself apart from the crowd and sell your services into specific markets. An end of tenancy cleaning service means cleaning vacant properties for estate agents, letting agents and tenants prior when a tenancy expires either in readiness for the new tenant to take over, or for a tenant to get their deposit back. It can offer higher profit margins over other cleaning services and though the work will not be regular, it can offer a day or mores work at a time, meaning that it’s much easier to make the hours stack up. It also offers opportunities to build relationships with estate agents who can provide you with ongoing work.

One-man band

If you want to work alone, you can specialise in end of tenancy cleaning, but you’ll limit your potential. End of tenancy cleaning often has to be turned around quickly and while you may be able to handle a one or two bedroom flat on your own in a day, a five bedroom house might prove difficult. The cleaning level required is extremely thorough – for instance, you’ll need to do the oven and the insides of windows. It can also sometimes include cleaning carpets and upholstery, though this can be levied as an additional charge. Remember too that the state of the place could be very bad.

Widen market potential

To widen your market potential you’ll need to employ cleaners. In order to offer a full service you’ll also need lots of equipment, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning tools. If you don’t, your client might just go to someone who does. Chances are you’ll also need a van to lug everything around in. It makes sense that if you have the equipment and the staff, it would be best not to limit your business to only end of tenancy, but offer, for instance, specialist carpet and upholstery cleaning services too, alongside for instance, regular domestic and office cleans.


You don’t need any qualifications to set up as an end of tenancy cleaner, but repeat work will rely on you doing a good job, and being a good people manager if you’re to employ staff. Importantly you’ll need a fantastic website for people to find out more about you. Approach estate agents and letting agents to tell them about your services – drop in with a business card. Use social media to promote your services and advertise on sites such as Gumtree. Word of mouth really is your best friend in this business though, so do your very best, and you’ll be the first person people will call when it comes to getting things spick and span. Read more like this

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