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How To Start A Social Media Management Business

Experience is more important than qualifications How To Start A Social Media Management Business

At the start, social media was a fun way to connect with family and friends – but it’s grown into a crucial marketing tool for businesses across the board. Problematically, lots of businesses just don’t have the time to manage multiple social media platforms, which if you like to tweet, pin and share, could be where you come in.

What does the business involve

Depending on your client’s needs and your area of expertise, in general you will create dynamic content for social media accounts, whether this be videos, text or graphics. This will include creating and scheduling post, responding and replying to comments and engaging with followers and influencers. Your aim will be to build followers, raise your clients profile and hopefully increase their sales.

Required skills

You need to have a way with words, good attention to detail, strong communication skills, lots of selfmotivation and be a team player. Professionals at the top of their game may have a degree in digital marketing and reams of experience, but don’t let this put you off getting started. Not everyone can afford the top of the heap.


There are lots of courses out there offering training in social media for business, even though you don’t need any formal qualifications to work in social media management. A good course will however help you to understand how working in business is different to updating your own personal account, and give you confidence to get yourself out there. It’ll also teach you the basics of search-engine optimisation and payper click marketing, as well as all about social media tools such as HootSuite.


Experience is more important than qualifications - and you’re not legally required to have any training. If you haven’t already worked as a social media manager - volunteer. There will most likely be a myriad of businesses in your local area that you can approach to offer your services to for free, or you may even know someone who you can help out.

Alternatively, local charities are often on the look out for social media volunteers.

Getting the work

Once you have some experience under your belt, you can pitch for work on sites such as people per hour, or join a business networking group - these are often run by your local chamber of commerce.

It goes without saying that an immaculate website is a must, linked to lots of different social media platforms. Focus posts around any particular areas of expertise, interest or knowledge you might have, and link in with businesses in these sectors. You also need to build up legions of followers to show how adept you are at the task.

Keep your charges low to start to reflect your relative lack of experience and to make yourself attractive to other new, low-cost start-ups. Referrals will allow you to up your rate – get an idea of what to charge by scrolling through freelancer sites where other media professionals advertise themselves, such as We Like to Work. Read more like this

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