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How To Start-Up A Dance School

Look for a gap in the market and think of a way to fill it How To Start-Up A Dance School

People love to dance. Statistics show that five million people in the UK like to get up and shake their booty every once in a while - an incredible 10 per cent of the population.

Strictly Come Dancing, as well as the trend for musical theatre, are also inspiring people to hit the dance floor. An activity which is great for fitness as well as a general sense of wellbeing – it’s also a brilliant way to ensure not just adults, but also kids get enough exercise.

Skills required

Whether it’s ballet, ballroom or salsa, you need to be passionate about what you do and expert at it. As your school develops, you will be able to employ others to do your teaching for you, but to start, it’s more cost effective to do the bulk, if not all, of the lessons yourself. Where you trained or any awards you’ve won will help convince potential clients of how able you are. It goes without saying that you need to be able to teach – as well as organised and business orientated.

Market research

There’s bound to be people teaching dance already in your area, but don’t let this put you off. Find out what they’re doing and think about how you can offer something different. Look for a gap in the market and think of a way to fill it.

Getting started

Once you’ve decided on the kinds of dancing you want to teach, you’ll need to find premises to put your dance classes on. To start, this could be anywhere you have space to teach - it might be at an adult education, or your local community hall. Test the waters first by offering a one off dance class at a local gym or short course of lessons – this will give you and idea of demand and indicate how much marketing you need to do. You could even put on courses and lessons in different areas to see where demand is greatest.


Even if you’re not committed to one location, you can still market yourself as a dance school. You need to come up with a good, unique, name and create an attractive website. Social media is obviously your friend, but offering discounted lessons and courses through the likes of Groupon is also a good way to raise awareness and encourage people to try you out. You can also showcase your work at a local events – if people get to try dancing out, they might just catch the bug!

Start-up costs

You need to pay out for public liability insurance, a DBS check and the cost of hiring premises. You’ll also need to provide a sound system or factor in the costs of live music, for instance, a piano player. Read more like this

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