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How To Start Up An Ironing Service Business

Word of mouth will be crucial in bringing in regular work How To Start Up An Ironing Service Business

If you’re handy with an iron and can work quickly, an ironing services business can be a great way to earn money working from home. You also need to be organised – you don’t want to muddle one clients’ ironing up with another’s – hardworking, and personable.

Starting out

Start up costs are low. At the most basic level, all you need is an ironing board and an iron. There will however be a few other handy bits and pieces to potentially invest in, such as a rail to hang ironed clothes on, and plastic covers to protect completed items. You’ll also need to factor in marketing costs, though these needn’t be expensive, as well as insurance to cover you for any accidents, such as burning garments with the iron. If you intend to pick up and deliver, you’ll also need a form of transport – ideally, this will be a car or a van. Clients may however also be happy for you to iron items in their homes, which can mean a faster turnaround for them and less work for you.


A basic website might be useful, but not essential. See if you can come up with a catchy brand name too. Your website can set out your prices and the services that you offer, for instance, how long it takes you to turn around an ironing job and whether you can pick up and deliver. You can also promote any benefits you offer, such as a pet and smoke free home – essential for clients who have pet allergies, and no one will appreciate clean, ironed items being returned smelling of smoke. Local community magazines and noticeboards are also a brilliant way to let people in your area know that you’re in business. If this doesn’t drum up enough work, you can try leafleting. Word of mouth will however be crucial in bringing in regular work. Ensure you are reliable and always punctual. A lot of the ironing you do will be work clothes, which your clients will depend on having back in time for their working week.

What to charge

This depends on where in the country you live, but your hourly rate could be anything up to £12.50. You can charge by the item, or by the hour – obviously, the quicker you are, the more you can make. You can also charge extra to pick up and deliver – giving clients the option to drop and pick up from your home. Within this, you could charge a minimum rate, say £10 – so the work is worth your while. This ensures clients build up a decent sized load rather than get you out to pick up and iron just a shirt for 75p. Read more like this

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