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How To Start-Up Your Own Blog

It’s important you enjoy what you want to write about, or doing so will become drudgery How To Start-Up Your Own Blog

If you’re a bit of wordsmith and have got lots to talk about, chances are you can make money by running a blog. It’s not a get-rich-quick scenario, but it’s possible to earn at least a bit of extra cash, if not enough to live off if you get things right. It’s important however to remember that producing the blog is only a small part of the job. Marketing, building relationships and selling advertising to clients is going to integral to your work if you want your blog to make money for you.

How to get started

Ideally, you’ll want to start a blog because you’re interested in a certain topic – for instance, fashion, cooking, beauty or children. It’s important you enjoy what you want to write about, or doing so will become drudgery. Don’t worry too much if other people already write about the same thing – it will be impossible to be unique. You do however need to be an authority on your subject and be able to bring a fresh take on it so that you stand out from your competitors. It helps to that what you right about is useful. People are always looking for instructions on how to do things – whether it’s to put up a shelf or bake a cake. Ensure too that whatever you write about has lots of material, you don’t want to run out of ideas for content. The idea is to become the leader in your field and where people go to when they want to read about your chosen field. You need to keep up a regular flow of timely, engaging blog posts, which often include pictures and video. The more useful your blog posts are, the more readers you’re likely to engage. You need to ensure you have permission to do this, either in terms of copyright, or individuals’ consent.

Choose a blogging platform and host

There are a myriad of blogging platforms out there. WordPress however has the best reputation for ease of use and choice of blog designs. It also offers free and pay-for options – it’s up to you which you choose, though paying a relatively small fee gives you a lot more to choose from, as well as control over how the blog works and looks. WordPress also works well because if you want to change the design, you can easily switch to a different Wordpress option in just one click – and all your content is instantly transferred. Ensure though that all your social media links are embedded on your landing page. You also need to come up with a domain name and choose a host for your platform – essentially, a place for your blog to live. Popular ones include Bluehost and iPage. Often, the domain name is provided by your host – both of which you will need to pay for with a small, monthly fee. Once this is done, you’re ready to blog!

Making money from your blog

Once you’ve got some great content up, you need to build up your readership. Research where your target market likes to hang out and join in. This might be through forums, podcasts, social media, or other blog posts. You might offer to write a blog post for free for a much bigger blog – in return for a link to your site. The key is to build and foster relationships. Once you have a lot of followers, advertisers will be keen to access your readers. As a small operator, this can be achieved through outfits such as Google AdSense. Affiliate income is however the main way to make money – which means linking to a product which is for sale on another site (such as Amazon) and when someone buys that product by linking to it from your site, you take a cut. You can also make money by writing ebooks and charging for certain content on your site. Read more like this

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