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Meet The Millenials Coach

Sean Purcell is helping to create the next generation of leaders and business owners Meet The Millenials Coach

As 17 million millennials take their place within the boardrooms, workplaces and consumer markets of the UK, their voice is becoming increasingly influential as leaders, entrepreneurs, and customers.

Many are accused of being arrogant, entitled and demanding, but is this a fair judgement? Not according to Sean Purcell, founder of Millennial Talent, a people development practice established to help create the next generation of leaders and business owners.

Sean is also known as The Millennials Coach and works with millennials who are either starting a business or have an established business already.

You’re styled as the millennials coach. what made you focus on this group?

When I became the youngest manager within further education at 21 and later when I became an executive director of a multi-million pound business at 30, a range of comments such as ‘You think you’re entitled to everything’, ‘You are too ambitious’ and ‘It will never work, we tried it ages ago’ were said to my face, behind my back or in whispered voices along corridors.

Running my own business has been no different, as though age was the primary indicator of success. At no point did I have another millennial to act as my coach and support me and at no point did I find a champion who was out there fighting the corner for the millennial generation.

I vowed I would take up the challenge and I spend most of my time working with millennial leaders and entrepreneurs to help them understand their purpose and vision for the future and supporting them to plot their own paths to success.

What are the challenges for millennials who want to start or grow their businesses?

Some think they have an idea for a business and are unsure how to get it ‘start-up’ ready. They are prepared to do the necessary work to come up with a product or service, but are not clear about what it will take to get it out to market.

Others have managed to pass this stage, find that their product or service has gained traction, but that they lack the acumen needed to turn the business into a commercial and profitable enterprise.

Just because something is new or innovative doesn’t mean the market will embrace it immediately or easily. Therefore, the discipline of creating and running plans, systems and processes are still critical, particularly when the entrepreneur is attempting to secure funding.

What one piece of advice would you give a millennial entrepreneur?

Get a coach. Having someone who can help you make more money, improve the performance of your team or reduce the hours you work will enable you to move to a position where you work on your business, rather than in it. Great coaching for a millennial is inspiring, motivational and tough in equal measure and should always deliver more than the investment put in.

Being ambitious is good, being creative is great, being technically gifted is fantastic, being self assured enough to appreciate that you don’t have all the answers is transformational. Read more like this

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