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The Benefits Of Direct Selling

Louise Ramsay explains why there’s such a buzz about the direct selling industry and highlights some of the business opportunities on offer The Benefits Of Direct Selling

Today’s jobs market isn’t an easy one. It’s not that there’s no work, but getting it is another matter.

Where once a quick phone call could be enough to set up a meeting or even land the job itself, it’s rare now to find even the most basic job opportunities that don’t require filling in lengthy application forms - and after all that, the chances of getting an interview can still be slim.

Worse than that, you know it’s going to be a major juggling act to fit any work you do manage to get around what you already do, for instance, as a parent, carer or student.

It’s all so frustrating. You’re keen to work - and work hard - but you can’t seem to find a way forward. No surprise then that there’s such a buzz right now about the direct selling industry.

Offering a way to get straight out there and make some money, it’s now the UK’s largest provider of part-time, independent earning opportunities. Indeed, over 400,000 people in the country are now making money through direct selling.

What is direct selling?

If you remember the Avon lady and Tupperware parties, you’re on the right track. Essentially, it’s selling products directly to consumers, though it doesn’t just have to be door-to-door or at a home-based event.

For instance, markets are an increasingly popular way to sell direct to the public, but anywhere you can make a sale offers a potential sales route. Because you work for yourself, it offers an incredibly flexible way of working, which is attractive to anyone who has a bit of get up and go.

Better still, as long as you’re aged over 18 it’s a way of making money that’s open to anyone - things like your background and education just aren’t relevant.

Rather than work as an employee of a company, you market and sell products on their behalf and earn commission on whatever you sell.

Some set-ups also allow you to build your business by managing teams of like-minded entrepreneurs to generate an additional income stream.

What’s the attraction?

Typically, direct sales has been an industry dominated by women, but that’s changing. More men are coming into the industry, as are people aged under 25 and over 50.

It’s attractive because you can choose to work the hours you want - part-time to fit around your lifestyle or you can go for it full throttle.

Initial investment is also low - depending on the business you go into, start-up costs are often as little as £100. Indeed, the law says you can’t invest more than £200 in the first seven days of your business operation. Businesses can often be home-based, further reducing costs.

Top tips for choosing a business to go into include opting for one that involves selling products you’re passionate about. It also makes more sense to go for products that are immediately appealing - it doesn’t matter how much potential commission is available, if a product is a hard sell, you won’t make anything.

It’s also important to make sure that any business you get involved with is a member of the Direct Selling Association. This provides an assurance that the business opportunity is legal and the company has agreed to abide by the DSA’s code of ethics.

Amir Barlas, Leo

Amir Barlas has only been in direct sales for two years, but he’s already enjoying rich rewards.

As a member of Learning Enterprises Organisation, it’s his job to sell training materials to entrepreneurs to help them develop their own businesses. The product range is currently shifting to m-commerce materials, allowing customers access to content on the move.

Amir is always ‘on the road’ to spread the word and manage his 250-strong team - some days he starts work at 6am and finished at midnight. He lives, sleeps and breathes LEO and already he’s one of the brand’s most influential and dedicated team members.

The best bit of the job for him, though, is working with others who are passionate about success.

Denise Kelly, Cambridge Weight Plan

Denise Kelly is a multi award winning consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan. Now aged 56, she set up shop as a single parent in 1991 and is now celebrating 26 years in the business.

Cambridge Weight Plan helps people to shift the pounds by using a six-step programme that’s structured around meal replacement products, realistic goals, one-to-one support and calorie counted meals.

Consultants visit clients in their own homes to motivate and encourage them on their journey.

Denise has built a large team of consultants, who operate nationwide and enjoy not just flexible working hours, but also good financial stability.

Her family has enjoyed amazing holidays and Denise has been able to help fund her sons’ university education. She believes that if you’re prepared to put the work in, success is a given in direct sales. Her advice is to network at every opportunity and to take on board good advice.

Anne Griffiths, Partylite

If you like things that smell nice, PartyLite’s right up your street. A scented candle and accessories business, it’s certainly worked for Anne Griffiths.

A PartyLite consultant for 18 years, she’s enjoyed a successful career in the direct selling business, perks of which have included complimentary travel, financial stability - and a job she loves.

Now manager of a huge team that’s based across the UK, Anne says the most rewarding part of her role is working with the people in her network. She can’t think of anything better than bringing out the best in everyone and guiding them towards their goals.

One of Anne’s tips for the top is customer service. She ensures her clients, consultants and leaders are all treated the way she would like to be, as she knows it’s the secret to getting the best from people.

Not only did working for herself mean Anne could be there for her children when they were young, but because they’ve seen her work hard to build a successful business, they’ve grown up to be equally driven to succeed.

It’s easy to understand why - in 2016, her sales turnover was £6,000,000.

Anna Terry, Forever Living

Anna Terry set up in business in early 2014 with wellness and beauty products brand Forever Living aged just 27. A psychology graduate working towards her PhD, she wanted to earn money without it interrupting her studies - and direct selling seemed to fit the bill.

Anna was, however, sceptical it could give her everything she wanted, but after attending a Forever Living product launch she decided to give it a try. While she struggled for the first six months, by September 2014 she hit manager - and things started to take off.

Though this coincided with the final six months of her studies, the support of her team and the knowledge she was growing her own business meant she was able to keep on top of things.

Anna now earns a six-figure salary, travels the world and drives a fantastic car. She puts her success down to having clear goals and being focused on the business.

“I took the time to work on self development and learn how to become a network marketing professional,” Anna explains. “I set aside dedicated hours to work on my business and ensured I was at every training and company event.

“It’s not rocket science - it’s what successful people do.” Read more like this

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