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Two Entrepreneurs Launch Business Cafe

Two successful entrepreneurs have joined forces to launch a new high street chain called The Business Café. Two Entrepreneurs Launch Business Cafe

Its aim is to create a fertile environment for small business owners with the same ‘home away from home’ vibe of Starbucks, but with a more business lounge experience.

Penny Power and Gail Thomas (pictured) are the brains behind the project. Penny founded Ecademy in 1998 - the precursor to LinkedIn - selling it in 2012.

The pair first met in 2011 when Gail hired one of the young apprentices for her Virtual PA Company from Penny’s Digital Youth Academy.

The Business Café is set to launch its first bricks and mortar premise in Gail’s hometown of Peterborough.

It will then embark on a nationwide rollout, with a network of cafes across the country that require a free membership to enter a private, lounge-style environment.

Gail says: “Small business owners, particularly in regional centres across Britain, will often meet in the likes of Starbucks or Costa, but always inevitably feel a little out of place having business meetings.

“The Business Café picks up where Starbucks leaves off.”

Coffee and food will be served at The Business Café via a tie-up with a leading independent retail caterer. Workspace and tables will allow for business meetings.

‘Digital Friends’, highly trained staff members, will also be on hand to answer any questions relating to digital skills for improving business performance. Read more like this

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