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Why ‘Get Rich Quick’ Is A Myth

Direct selling is not a rapid route to riches, but a gradual path to a useful additional income, Lynda Mills, director general of the Direct Selling Association, says Why ‘Get Rich Quick’ Is A Myth

There are over 400,000 people in the UK involved in the direct selling industry. It’s a huge number of people, all running their own independent businesses in a range of different ways to suit their lifestyles and other work and family commitments.

Some treat their business as a fulltime career, while others pick it up as it suits, perhaps to fit in with school terms or other responsibilities.

Common misconception

One of the common misconceptions in direct selling - and something the industry is working hard to correct - is that it’s some sort of ‘get rich quick’ scheme and that for next to nothing you can set up a business and earn huge amounts, while only working a few hours a week.

It sounds too good to be true and that’s, unsurprisingly, because it is.

It’s certainly true that the initial outlay is low; typically, it costs just £100 to set up a business with a DSA member company and all companies are prohibited from charging any more than £200 for a starter kit.

However, as with most things in life, how much you get out very much depends on how much you put in and earnings are dependent on how much time you put into your business.

Crucially, earnings are also largely dependent on how many products you sell, with the majority of earnings coming from commission on product sales.

The reality

For the vast majority of people in the industry, direct selling is a way to earn a useful additional income in a flexible way. For some who work hard and have the right skill set, it can become very profitable and might ultimately replace their full-time income.

While direct selling is not for everyone or a route to rapid riches, it’s a great way of earning extra income that fits around other commitments.

Who knows where you might go with a direct selling business. There’s only one way to find out - look out for the DSA logo with any company you consider getting involved with to know you have added protection. Read more like this

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